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Icing Teeth Whitening System

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How is Icing different? The new and improved Icing Advanced Teeth Whitening System is even more powerful than our original Icing system. Unlike the myriad of whitening lines available, Icing was designed by Dr. Raymond for his patients – his most important client! Icing doesn’t require high intensity lasers or light activation. The formula also contains potassium nitrate to combat the sensitivity that often accompanies a whitening treatment. Icing achieves maximum results in minimal time with little to no discomfort.

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Formulated by a dentist for the patient.

Up to five shades of whitening in one 60- 90 minute session.

The carbamide peroxide formula doesn’t dehydrate teeth like hydrogen peroxide and protects from decay.

Potassium nitrate significantly reduces or eliminates sensitivity.

Icing Advanced now includes and LED accelerator light to enhance the efficacy and power of our improved formulation.

One kit provides up to 8 sessions

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